Christoph Wohlfahrt was born 1984 in Eastern Germany. After his studies in Leipzig he moved to Paris where he is based since. Constantly following his personal work beside assisting a variety of leading contemporary photographers led him to his own vision in photography.

Inspired by a sensibility for real life moments Christoph is aiming to capture instant pure beauty between untouched reality and graphic abstraction. Following this intuition enriches his work in fashion and portraiture with the same honest spirit of those shots from his travels and personal projects.

His fascination from an early age to freeze the beauty of spontaneity on film remains with him today. Only little things have changed. The appetite to capture the precise moment is still the same. Photography feeds his need to create.

Christoph Wohlfahrt
266 Rue des Pyrénées
75020 Paris

mobile: +33 6 43 62 66 13